We search and find the critical IT competences that are necessary for our customers to succeed with their business objectives and ambitions.

Our search and selection services are based on a well-documented structure and process adapted to individual wishes and needs in order to create the highest possible value to our customers.






Onboarding Consulting Services focus on the initial 100 days, which are particularly critical in a new job.

Through our onboarding services, we support employees and management to achieve a better starting point by getting a head start and thereby successfully succeed in the new position.

Our onboarding services comprise of formulating the critical objectives and success criteria, preparation of plan for the first 100 days, assessment of colleagues, personnel, sparring and advisory during the entire process.



Assessment of the organization, the team and the individual employee brings up valuable knowledge about the organization’s current situation, opportunities and potential.

We offer assessment of the organization, teams and on individual level.

We evaluate the capabilities of the current resources in the IT team, on individual basis as well as for the entire team and organization.

Our process includes analysis of motivation and preferences, goals and challenges, critical skills such as adaptability, team and result orientation.